Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So I've been cleaning like a crazy girl.  My apartment smells extra clean (it usually smells pretty good, now it's just a bit better).

The weather is fabulous.  I can't wait for it to rain a bit so it's not so dusty and muddy everywhere.

I have been doing bootcamp three times a week.  It's super challenging but I love it.  My body is confused and holding on to every calorie.  In another week or so it should figure it out and let some of them go!

I am super busy with school and coaching field hockey.  I am trying hard to resist starting to countdown to summer vacay, haha.  At least it's 4 day weeks from here until the end of the month!

Have a great week!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arizona you warm my soul!

So we had a great time in AZ.  I actually cried yesterday when we got home.  We golfed, tanned, swam, shopped and even went to Bingo!  It was great.  Marc got along great with my parents (I knew he would, but he was nervous).  I didn't go to crazy food wise, it's so hot that you don't feel like eating much.  I bought some great summer dresses, now if the stupid snow would just go away!!

Tomorrow I am back at it.  I have book 3 bootcamp sessions this week (mwf) and have lots of field hockey so that will keep me busy).

Only 94 days until Australia!!! (I counted yesterday when I was so sad about being home from Arizona)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One week to go!

So a week from today we'll be on our way to Arizona.  I can't wait!  The weather is going to be hot, we have lots of fun stuff plans and I love seeing my parents (I have not lived at home or in the same city as them since I was 18 so I really miss spending time with them)

I have a horrible sinus cold.  My nose is literally dripping.  It's so nasty, and just when I think it's getting better it flares up again.  FML

I missed two workouts last week because I have been working crazy hours at London Drugs.  I only have 3 shifts left which makes me happy, but at the same time a little sad.  There is no way I could keep working there during the field hockey season.  The team practices / has games 4 games a week and will be playing in 2 or  3 tournaments.  I'm just the coach and it makes me tired thinking about all that, lol

I bought a Groupon for 30 fitness classes for 30$ (regular prices 300$).  It's valid at tons of different activities.  Next week I am doing a Zumba class and a Bootcamp - for 120 minutes of activity which counts as 6 workouts (I only do 20 minutes a day / or the equivalent in a week).  Anything more and I just can't keep my hunger in check.  I am excited.  I have all the Zumba dvd's and do them often, but I have never been to a class.  I am glad to have the opportunity to take 28 other classes, and I also have a voucher for 12 bootcamp sessions that I bought a few weeks ago.  This should whip me into bikini shape for Australia!

I'm off to work at London Drugs - did I mention I only have three shifts left (only 15 more hours of cranky people!!)

Have a great Sunday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 2 Done!

So I did pretty good last week.  Got all my workouts in and tracked up to Friday.  Friday we went to Edmonton which meant dinner with friends and family and I might have had one (ok two) Shamrock Shakes.  But they're out of my system for another year!

We went to the waterpark on Saturday and it was tons of fun.  My neck is super sore from some wild siding, but it should be fine.  I'm back to tracking hardcore today and already got my workout in.

Only two full weeks left until we'll be soaking up the sun in Phoenix.  I can't wait!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Week One Done!

So I had a good week.  Tracked everything and did my workouts.  I skipped Thursday but then did a double on Friday.  The scale has already started moving!

I am glad it's the weekend, I am so tired.  No big plans for the next few days.  Mostly just hanging out watching tv and reading my Kindle.

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slacker Alert!!

So as soon as I found my motivation I lost it :(  The weather has been horrid, I've been sick and a million other excuses!

Now it's back for good.  Only 26 days until bikini time in Arizona.  I want to rock my bikini and not feel self conscious (I'm not really self conscious at all, ever, but still).  I am looking forward to lounging, golf and spending time with my parents.

So I'm eating better (and staying in my points) and working out everyday.  Just 20 minutes of Zumba, anything more makes me soooooooo hungry, and 29 points do not go very far!

I am meal planning, M is on board with my no treats plan and I can do it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I found it!!

My lost motivation, that is!  I am so glad, I need to get my eating under control.  I tracked and stayed within my points.  I'm great at tracking and writing it all down, but that doesn't mean it's within my daily points!

I am pretty much half way done the Couch to 5K program and I'm feeling great.  The workouts are feeling good and I've really been focusing on my speed.  Hopefully the rest of the program goes smoothly and I can keep it up.

I am exhausted.  It's a three day week for the kids and they are extra wound up and in vacay mode.  I'm tired of telling them there is no need to yell all the time (seriously, some of them yell all the time).  I'm looking forward to convention.  There isn't really anything in my subject area but there are some good keynote speakers that should be interested (including Tommy Europe, from the Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp)

I'm tucking in with my Kindle (and hopefully won't fall asleep and drop it on my face like I did last night :P)